Thursday, November 10, 2011

Problem with Thailand-Based CRLs (NECTEC CA)

OSG Operations has been informed the recent flooding in Thailand has caused damage to the Thai grid infrastructure. OSG Operations wishes the best to our Thailand collaborators during this disaster and hopes for a speedy recovery.

This infrastructure includes the NECTEC CA which can not serve its CRL due to flood damage. There is no expected time for return to service, but we will pass on relevant updates as they arrive. RSV Warnings for the CRL Expiry Probe are appearing and this is expected behavior. This probe is non-critical and will not affect the resource status in OSG or WLCG. Administrators should be aware that this warning may last until connectivity is restored at the institution serving the NECTEC CA.

Details of the CRL Expiry probe will show a message "WARNING: CRL file for CA with hash '8a047de1' has not been updated…" until this service is restored.