Thursday, February 18, 2010

New release 1.13 of CA Certificates

A new release of the CA certificates is available at
This is version 1.13 and uses IGTF 1.34 as the basis.

Tarball Version: 1.13
RPM Version: 1.13-0

===== Version 1.13 =================
Released 18 Feb 2010
IGTF 1.34 - current hash format
Updated edca0fc0 CESNET-CA-Root to fix a broken signing_policy file

Note that this release fixes the problem in OSG Ticket 8136.

OSG DocDB Access Problem

The OSG DocDB, which is hosted at FNAL is currently not available via certificate access. Administrators are currently investigating this issue.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

FNAL Power Outage - Update

Investigation at FNAL continues as to the cause and possible fixes or remediation.

Power was lost at 3:49 AM
UPS was restored 6:42 AM

The "OSG Services" operated by FermiGrid at Fermilab have been automatically restored.

Fermilab is cautiously re-enabling services.

- Core/Critical services have been restarted,
- Limited business services have been restarted,
- Scientific services are not being restarted at the present time.

FNAL Power Outage

Beginning at 10:49 UTC Fermilab Computing experienced power problems
at the Feynman Computing Center. Diagnosis and recovery is ongoing and
services may need to be shutdown to perform additional repairs.

OSG Services hosted at FNAL include Gratia, ReSS, VOMS based at FNAL,
the OSG Document Database, and OSG mailing lists.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Upcoming Gratia Maintenance

Over the next two weeks, the FNAL-provided OSG Gratia services will be migrated to new hardware. The following will occur:

1) On Thursday, 2/18 data collection and DB updates will be suspended at 09:00 CST (15:00 UTC) to allow a copy of the live DB. Reports will still be available at this time, but obviously will not include data not received. This procedure will take 4-6 hours, during which time data will be backlogged by probes and sent when service resumes. Interested system administrators may note a build-up of files under $VDT_LOCATION/gratia/var: this will decrease once more when contact is re-established with the collector.

2) On Thursday, 2/25 at 09:00 CST (1500 UTC) the migration will occur. Since this will involve a migration of service IPs to the already set-up and operating new systems, the outage for each service is expected to be under 5 minutes barring unforeseen circumstances. Any probes attempting to contact during this time will backlog the data and re-send as before upon resumption of service.

The services affected by this change are:

Each service mentioned above will gain its own new reporting URL by appending -reports to the address, viz:
The standard URLs will continue to work due to service redirection but for efficiency reasons, please update your browser bookmarks to use the new URLS for the reporting GUI.

In addition, we propose to retire the unused "GRATIA-OSG-ITB-PERM" ("permanent ITB") reporting-only service at this time (2010/02/25 09:00 CST). There are no known users of this service. This was originally instituted to take replication of a subset ("permanent ITB") of the data received by the GRATIA-OSG-ITB service but to the best of our knowledge has never been used for same, and has anyway been dormant (available but not receiving data) for several months now without complaint. Since the service is unused, we expect the impact to be zero. People who wish the service to be resumed should notify us via GOC prior to 2010/02/25.

We do not expect any impact whatsoever at the, "Production" level: reporting to WLCG will take place as normal and we expect the out-of-date reporting on 2/18 and the momentary outages on 2/25 to be no more than a minor inconvenience to a very few people.

Please note especially: RSV services will *NOT* be affected by this migration.

OSG Ticket Exchange 1.1 - Bug Patched

OSG Ticket Exchange Users,

The GOC has identified a bug in the current ticket exchange between OSG and GGUS. The full description from tickets opened on the OSG side may not be populated fully to the GGUS ticket system. We are releasing this bug patch immediately. This will not affect any ongoing exchange or any exchange started at GGUS.

OSG CA Distribution Release 1.12 - GOC Ticket # 8126

OSG CA Distribution 1.12 has been released, which includes IGTF 1.33.

Please note the following:

* There was no production release 1.11 for the CA Distribution. The previous production CA Distribution version was 1.10.

* This OSG release does NOT include the changes from the
IGTF 1.33 "new" area to handle openssl V1 hash names. These features
will be included in a future OSG release.

Changes from 1.32 to 1.33
(16 February 2010)

* Added accredited MICS TCS eScience Personal CA and hierarchy (EU)
* Updated AustrianGrid root cert with extended life time (AT)
* Updated PolishGrid CA with new contact and extended root CA life time (PL)
* Removed expired CNRS-Grid-FR CA (has been superseded by CNRS2-Grid-FR) (FR)
* Removed obsolete CNRS, CNRS-Projets CA (superceded by CNRS2 hierarchy) (FR)
* Corrected namespaces file for BEGrid2008 (BE)
* Added comment line to REUNA CA signing_policy file (CL)
* Added new classic CESNET hierarchy "CESNET-CA-Root" and "CESNET-CA-3" (CZ)

Please see ticket 8126 at:

Friday, February 5, 2010

OIM 2.13 bug patched

OIM users/Site Administrators,

The GOC would like to notify you about the chance for erroneous
downtime data for downtimes that were set in recent weeks.

This only applies to users who EDITED AN *EXISTING* DOWNTIME BETWEEN
Jan 26th and TODAY. If you added a downtime in that time frame but
never tried to go back and edit it then this does not impact you. Read
on if you think this applies to you.


Since January 26th, when version 2.13 was released, OIM had a bug that
was causing users to not be able to update already set downtimes. What
made this even worse is that while it failed to update the DB with new
content a user provided, the web interface was actually showing the
updated content thereby leading users to think all is well! We found
out about this bug thanks to Wei Li's pointing out something was not
right in, and then our
chasing the trail on our end. We have corrected this issue as of noon
eastern February 5th, and a patch has been applied to the current
production OIM.

Additionally, we compiled a list of users who tried to view or edit an
already set downtime - unfortunately the log we parsed does not
differentiate between ones who tried to look at a downtime versus
someone who tried to modify one. We have contacted these users
requesting them to verify individual downtimes that they were
associated with to make sure the records have accurate start/end time,
and other details [related ticket:].

We apologize for any inconvenience this may caused to site

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

GOC Service Update - Tuesday, February 9th at 14:00 UTC

The GOC will upgrade the following services beginning at Tuesday, February 9th at 14:00 UTC.

MyOSG 1.15 (

No service outages are expected but GOC reserves 1 hour for unforeseen problems.

ITB version is now available for testing at; we encourage users to test this service before the production release.

Release Notes:

* Toned down the history graph color.
* Added CSS styling to force IE rendering of history graphs to be more similar to other browsers.
* Re-factored XML comments and added link to MySQL URL Registration form.
* Changed wording on several SC related filters to make its purpose clear (Related ticket:
* Added parameter for report bug link so that user can specify which URL is causing the issue.
* Fixed service name / description inconsistencies (that wasn't corrected in last week's changes)
* Updated XML schema files to be consistent with changes to the XML made in last week's and this week's release
* Cosmetic adjustment / Banner Changed

GOC Ticket 1.14 (

No service outages are expected but GOC reserves 1 hour for unforeseen problems.

ITB version is now available for testing at; we encourage users to test this service before the production release.

Release Note:

* Added anchor feature to ticket viewer so users can share permalinks for each ticket update, and highlight to chosen ticket update.
* Fixed the CSS style for error note, h2, required fields, field descriptions and others
* Added URL reference fields to OIM / MyOSG / Ticket forms so that each application can pass the URL where the issues are occuring.
* Added background to selected description - to make it more conspicuous
* Cosmetic adjustment / Banner Change
* [Relevant to ticket editors]: Made displayed teams to be configurable on ticket editor.

OIM 2.14 (

No service outages are expected but GOC reserves 1 hour for unforeseen problems.

ITB version is now available for testing at; we encourage users to test this service before the production release.

Release Note:

* Changed wording on several SC related filters to make its purpose clear (Related ticket:
* Added check for invalid user ID for User Edit form
* Added URL reference to Report Bug link to be passed to ticket form.
* Cosmetic adjustment / Banner Change
* [Relevant to GOC and management staff]: Removed annual review controller page

RSV Collector 1.06.14 (

The production RSV collector is expected to be down for two hours but the GOC reserves 8 hours for unforeseen problems - RSV records sent by site level clients will not be lost, and will be collected when the collector is brought back up.

The ITB collector has been functioning properly for two weeks following its upgrade to this version of the collector.

Release Note:

* Important bug fix to data archiving feature - will allow GOC to prune old RSV records from 2008.