Friday, February 5, 2010

OIM 2.13 bug patched

OIM users/Site Administrators,

The GOC would like to notify you about the chance for erroneous
downtime data for downtimes that were set in recent weeks.

This only applies to users who EDITED AN *EXISTING* DOWNTIME BETWEEN
Jan 26th and TODAY. If you added a downtime in that time frame but
never tried to go back and edit it then this does not impact you. Read
on if you think this applies to you.


Since January 26th, when version 2.13 was released, OIM had a bug that
was causing users to not be able to update already set downtimes. What
made this even worse is that while it failed to update the DB with new
content a user provided, the web interface was actually showing the
updated content thereby leading users to think all is well! We found
out about this bug thanks to Wei Li's pointing out something was not
right in, and then our
chasing the trail on our end. We have corrected this issue as of noon
eastern February 5th, and a patch has been applied to the current
production OIM.

Additionally, we compiled a list of users who tried to view or edit an
already set downtime - unfortunately the log we parsed does not
differentiate between ones who tried to look at a downtime versus
someone who tried to modify one. We have contacted these users
requesting them to verify individual downtimes that they were
associated with to make sure the records have accurate start/end time,
and other details [related ticket:].

We apologize for any inconvenience this may caused to site