Tuesday, February 16, 2010

OSG CA Distribution Release 1.12 - GOC Ticket # 8126

OSG CA Distribution 1.12 has been released, which includes IGTF 1.33.

Please note the following:

* There was no production release 1.11 for the CA Distribution. The previous production CA Distribution version was 1.10.

* This OSG release does NOT include the changes from the
IGTF 1.33 "new" area to handle openssl V1 hash names. These features
will be included in a future OSG release.

Changes from 1.32 to 1.33
(16 February 2010)

* Added accredited MICS TCS eScience Personal CA and hierarchy (EU)
* Updated AustrianGrid root cert with extended life time (AT)
* Updated PolishGrid CA with new contact and extended root CA life time (PL)
* Removed expired CNRS-Grid-FR CA (has been superseded by CNRS2-Grid-FR) (FR)
* Removed obsolete CNRS, CNRS-Projets CA (superceded by CNRS2 hierarchy) (FR)
* Corrected namespaces file for BEGrid2008 (BE)
* Added comment line to REUNA CA signing_policy file (CL)
* Added new classic CESNET hierarchy "CESNET-CA-Root" and "CESNET-CA-3" (CZ)

Please see ticket 8126 at: