Tuesday, April 18, 2017

GOC Service Update - Tuesday, April 25th

The GOC will upgrade the following services beginning Tuesday, 25/Apr at 14:00 UTC. The GOC reserves 8 hours in the unlikely event unexpected problems are encountered.

Modify some links associated with BDII and GratiaWeb. Adding GRACC graphs.

Ticket Exchange
FNAL configuration update

Modify Gratia references to appropriate Gracc equivalent

Update to CentOS7, replace Gratia references with appropriate GRACC equivalent

Web services
Apply standard software updates

All services
Operating system updates; reboots will be required. The usual HA mechanisms will be used, but some services will experience brief outages.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Announcing OSG CA Certificate Update

We are pleased to announce a data release for the OSG Software Stack.
Data releases do not contain any software changes.

This release contains updated CA Certificates based on IGTF 1.82:
- Added new G2 UGrid trust anchor (UA)
- Extended validity for AEGIS CA (RS)
- Withdrawn discontinued FNAL KCA (US)
- Extended validity for REUNA CA (CL)

Release notes and pointers to more documentation can be found at:


Need help? Let us know:


We welcome feedback on this release!

Announcing OSG Software version 3.3.23

We are pleased to announce OSG Software version 3.3.23.

Changes to OSG 3.3.23 include:
- LCMAPS VOMS plugin: Use VOMS attributes to map users
- HTCondor-CE 2.1.5: LCMAPS VOMS integration, package Slurm configuration
- CVMFS 2.3.5: Fixes, including automount fix when autofs restarts on EL7
- Pegasus 4.7.4: Updated from version 4.6.1
- OSG CE 3.3-12: Removed gip and osg-info-services, see release notes

Changes to the Upcoming Repository include:
- LCMAPS 1.6.6-1.3: Enable VOMS attribute checking by default
- Frontier Squid 3.5.24-3.1: Fix for crashes under heavy load

Release notes and pointers to more documentation can be found at:


Need help? Let us know:


We welcome feedback on this release!

Monday, April 10, 2017

GratiaWeb to GRACC transition

OSG has been building a modernized accounting system, GRÅCC, to better meet OSG and stakeholder accounting needs in the years to come. In addition to new ways to collect and store accounting data, there is a new web interface:


   OSG staff have started using this new URL over the past two months, and now we believe that it is ready for everyone to use. At this time, we strongly encourage users to switch to it. If you find issues, please contact OSG Operations <goc@opensciencegrid.org>.

   Due to the shutdown of the Gratia database at FNAL on May 1st, we plan to retire the older accounting reporting service (GratiaWeb) on 18 April 2017.


   This schedule leaves a bit of room to fix any problems that crop up due to the transition from one reporting service to the other. Please contact OSG Operations with any concerns or if you will need assistance migrating from GratiaWeb to GRÅCC.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Applications for OSG User School 2017 due April 14!

NOTE: The application deadline for the OSG User School 2017 is soon!
Submit applications and recommendations by Friday, April 14th.


If you could access hundreds or even thousands of computers for your
scholarly work, what could you do? How could it transform your work?
What discoveries might you make?

We are seeking applicants for the Open Science Grid (OSG) User School
2017, which takes place July 17-21 at the beautiful University of
Wisconsin in Madison. Participants will learn to use high throughput
computing (HTC) to harness vast amounts of computing power for research,
applicable to nearly any field of study (e.g., physics, chemistry,
engineering, life sciences, earth sciences, agricultural and animal
sciences, economics, social sciences, medicine, and more).


Using lectures, discussions, roleplays, and lots of hands-on work with
OSG experts in HTC, participants will learn how HTC systems work, how to
run and manage many jobs and huge datasets, how to implement a realistic
scientific computing workflow, and where to turn for help and more info.

Worried about costs? We pay all basic travel, hotel, and food costs for
applicants who are selected to attend. This is a valuable offer!

Ideal candidates are graduate students whose research involves or could
involve large-scale computing - work that cannot be done on one laptop
or a handful of computers. Also, we accept some post-doctoral students,
faculty, staff, and advanced undergraduates, so make a strong case for
yourself regardless of your current role!

  Application Period (OPEN NOW): 1 March - 14 April 2017
  OSG User School: 17-21 July 2017

  Web: http://www.opensciencegrid.org/UserSchool
  Email: user-school@opensciencegrid.org
  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OSGUserSchool
  Twitter: https://twitter.com/OSGUserSchool

Please forward this announcement to anyone who might benefit from the
OSG User School. And consider posting our flyer where appropriate:


Thursday, April 6, 2017

Re: XRootD 4.6.0 removed from OSG 3.3.22

On March 11th, OSG Software removed XRootD 4.6.0 from the Yum (RPM) repositories, due to defects in the software. However, the OSG worker node tarballs had already been created with some elements of the XRootD 4.6.0 release. We discovered issues related to the tarball contents last week, and on March 29th, OSG Software rebuilt and re-released the OSG 3.3.22 worker node tarballs to use XRootD 4.5.0 instead.

If you installed OSG worker node tarballs (directly or from OASIS) between March 11th and 29th, you should consider reinstalling them using the latest builds (labeled as version 3.3.22-2).

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

GOC Service Update - Tuesday, April 11th at 14:00 UTC

The GOC will upgrade the following services beginning Tuesday, April 11th at 14:00 UTC. The GOC reserves 8 hours in the unlikely event unexpected problems are encountered.

- Modify some links associated with BDII and GratiaWeb

Jira Update
- Upgrade Jira to 7.3.1, and underlying OS to RHEL 7

Ticket Security Notification changes
- Update certain options on the security ticket creation form per https://jira.opensciencegrid.org/browse/TICKET-129