Wednesday, November 2, 2011

OSG Software release 3.0.0u2


I'm pleased to announced the general availability of OSG Software, release 3.0.0u2
(a.k.a. VDT). This is our brand-new release of the OSG Software distributed via RPMs
for Scientific Linux 5, CentOS 5, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. This release
includes VOMS.

Release notes and pointers to documentation can be found at:

As many of you know, we are phasing in our new software distribution. Today we are
announcing the general release of VOMS (client and server, including VOMS Admin), and
we will be gradually releasing more software between now and mid-December. Some
software is in "limited release" (that is, a production release, but intended for
early adopters and not widely announced), so you may notice details about it in the
release notes.

You can ask support via the usual channels. We look forward to your feedback on this
new release.

Alain Roy
Open Science Grid Software Coordinator