Thursday, March 12, 2009

OSG CA Certificates Version 1.5

Version 1.5 of the OSG CA certificates distribution is
available from

Note that this release removes "unused non-IGTF CAs" as previously
announced. For sites wanting to continue to support these CAs, they  
distributed by TeraGrid ( and
can be added using the "include" option in vdt-update-certs:

===== Version 1.5 Changes ====================
Released 10-Mar-2009

Updated to IGTF 1.28:
* Added accredited classic ULAGrid CA (VE)
* Added accredited TACC Root and TACC Classic CAs (US)
* Updated NERSC CRL URL download location (US)
* Updated DOEGrids CRL URL download location (US)
* Extended life time of NorduGrid CA (1f0e8352) (DK,SE,NO,FI,IS)
* Added SigmaNet CALG CA (LV)
* Updated AEGIS CA root certificate to reflect TLD name change (RS)
* Added CRL for SWITCH-SLCS issuing CA (304cf809) (CH)

Removed unaccredited CAs:
* PSC Kerberos CA (290a3b29)
* PSC Root CA (9b88e95b)
* PSC Hosts CA (acc06fda)
* SDSC (3deda549)
* NPACI (b89793e4)
* TACC (9a1da9f9)
* old NCSA CA (4a6cd8b1)