Monday, March 30, 2009

CERN VOMS FYI and Clarification

Please note the previous message regarding the CERN VOMS was an FYI for OSG. It does not take action for most of OSG. Those who do run services that interact directly with the CERN VOMS should get further instruction from their VOs. The message from EGEE Operations is included again below.

Redistributed from EGEE:

Dear grid site administrators

As previously announced, gLite 3.1 UPDATE 42 contained the new host certificate of the VOMS server < >.

The old certificate expires on 7 April. However, as several VOs use VOMS proxies that have a lifetime of 7 days, and to avoid voms-proxy-init requests from failing, it is imperative that all services be updated with the new VOMS server certificate *BEFORE 1st APRIL*.

*** ***
*** Therefore, please can all sites upgrade ***
*** their services with the new VOMS server ***
*** certificate, ***
*** ***
*** ----------------------------- ***

Our apologies for the late announcement of this urgent action. The procedures are being updated to avoid this happening again in the future.

The Grid Middleware and Operations teams

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