Thursday, April 6, 2017

Re: XRootD 4.6.0 removed from OSG 3.3.22

On March 11th, OSG Software removed XRootD 4.6.0 from the Yum (RPM) repositories, due to defects in the software. However, the OSG worker node tarballs had already been created with some elements of the XRootD 4.6.0 release. We discovered issues related to the tarball contents last week, and on March 29th, OSG Software rebuilt and re-released the OSG 3.3.22 worker node tarballs to use XRootD 4.5.0 instead.

If you installed OSG worker node tarballs (directly or from OASIS) between March 11th and 29th, you should consider reinstalling them using the latest builds (labeled as version 3.3.22-2).