Monday, April 10, 2017

GratiaWeb to GRACC transition

OSG has been building a modernized accounting system, GRÅCC, to better meet OSG and stakeholder accounting needs in the years to come. In addition to new ways to collect and store accounting data, there is a new web interface:

   OSG staff have started using this new URL over the past two months, and now we believe that it is ready for everyone to use. At this time, we strongly encourage users to switch to it. If you find issues, please contact OSG Operations <>.

   Due to the shutdown of the Gratia database at FNAL on May 1st, we plan to retire the older accounting reporting service (GratiaWeb) on 18 April 2017.

   This schedule leaves a bit of room to fix any problems that crop up due to the transition from one reporting service to the other. Please contact OSG Operations with any concerns or if you will need assistance migrating from GratiaWeb to GRÅCC.