Wednesday, August 14, 2013

osg-control announcement

The OSG Software team would like to announce a beta release of osg-control, a new software tool for managing OSG services. Many thanks to Tony Tiradani for writing and contributing this software to OSG!

In OSG 1.2, most OSG services could be managed with a tool called vdt-control, providing an easy way to view services and enable/disable them. To provide some of this functionality to OSG 3.x, osg-control was written as a wrapper around osg-configure and the services it manages. The new tool allows querying the status, starting/stopping, and enabling/disabling OSG services individually or all at once.

We have released a beta version of osg-control in the osg-testing repository and are inviting community testing and feedback. If you currently use osg-configure for OSG services, it should be an easy install:

yum install --enablerepo=osg-testing osg-control

For more background and discussion on this topic, see:

We welcome any feedback at or .