Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Announcing OSG Software version 3.1.22

We are pleased to announce OSG Software version 3.1.22!

This release affects most OSG installations. Changes include:

* All known issues with OSG Software and SHA-2 certificates have been fixed
* In the Upcoming series, all Java packages are built & tested on OpenJDK 7
* Update to CVMFS 2.1.14
* VO package v46
* RSV has many improvements and bug fixes, plus a new Java reporting probe
* SLURM is supported as a resource management system via PBS emulation
* osg-configure has many improvements and bug fixes
* HDFS 2 packaging was fixed (available in Upcoming series)

Early adopters are already using SHA-2 signed certificates.
Our CAs may issue SHA-2 signed certificates starting October 1st.

OpenJDK 7:
Early adopters have already replaced their Java installations with
OpenJDK 7. We plan to fold the OpenJDK 7 changes into the 3.1
repository in the next release on September 10th.

Release notes and pointers to more documentation can be found at:


As a reminder, the OSG Software 3.1 is available as RPMs or client tarballs
for Enterprise Linux versions 5 and 6.

Need help? Let us know:


We welcome feedback on this release!