Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Announcing OSG Software version 3.1.17

We are pleased to announce OSG Software version 3.1.17!

This is the new OSG Software distributed via RPMs for:

* Scientific Linux 5 and 6
* CentOS 5 and 6
* Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and 6

This release affects the client, the compute element, and the storage element. Changes include:

* GSI-OpenSSH updated to version 5.6 to fix a security issue
* jGlobus updated to version 2.0.5
* VOMS 2.0.8 clients patched to support SHA-2 proxies
* Pegasus updated to version 4.2.0
* XRootD updated to version 3.3.1
* OSG-Configure bugfixes

Version 3.1.17 also contains the first release of the tarball installs for the
worker-node-client and the client. These tarballs contain a complete
installation of the client or worker-node-client software that can be installed
by an unprivileged user, or into a non-standard location such as an NFS share.

Installation guides are available at:
for the worker-node-client, and:
for the full client.

Release notes and pointers to more documentation can be found at:


Need help? Let us know:


We welcome feedback on this release!

- Matyas Selmeci
OSG Software Team