Friday, March 15, 2013

Upcoming changes to OSG PKI interface regarding RA sponsors

We are planning to make an update to the OSG PKI interface in regards to how sponsor information is stored in OIM, and how it is used during a user certificate request. Currently, sponsors can be edited only by OSG PKI staff, and OSG users are asked but not required to enter a name of sponsor inside a comment section while submitting a user certificate request. We'd like to make following changes.

1) Allow any contacts listed as VO contacts to add/remove sponsors for that VO.
2) Require a user to specify a sponsor from the VO sponsor list, or manually enter name/email address of a sponsor if not listed.
3) Notification ticket template will be updated to indicate if user has selected an existing sponsor from VO's sponsor list, or if user has manually entered name/email.

More details about this change can be found in following document.


The prototype of these changes can be tested in OIM-ITB instance, and we plan to release these updates on 3/26 unless we hear objections, or encounter any issues.