Tuesday, March 5, 2013

CORRECTION: Announcing OSG Software version 3.1.15

The text of the last message was truncated and the correct text follows. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We are pleased to announce OSG Software version 3.1.15!

This is the new OSG Software distributed via RPMs for:

* Scientific Linux 5 and 6
* CentOS 5 and 6
* Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and 6

This release affects a variety of systems, especially ones running services. Changes include:

* Switch to Fetch CRL v3 (by default) on EL5 systems (see below)
* Added "Upcoming" software repository for disruptive updates (see below)
* Upgrade GridFTP to 6.14
* Upgrade gLExec and LCMAPS to current versions
* Reworked LCMAPS configuration in the gatekeeper, GridFTP, GSI-OpenSSH, etc.
* Upgrade to very latest Java 1.6 release (6u43)

Release notes and pointers to more documentation can be found at:


Note that there are two larger changes with this release that have separate documentation:

* Fetch CRL: With this release, we recommend that users on Enterprise Linux 5 systems (SL5, CentOS 5, and RHEL 5) switch from Fetch CRL version 2 to version 3. We have documentation on the change, including the reasons for doing so, here:


* Upcoming repositories: We are adding a new set of optional repositories to supplement our existing ones. They will be used in the future to provide software updates that could cause disruptions if added to the normal repositories. More information is available here:


Need help? Let us know:


We welcome feedback on this release!