Tuesday, February 22, 2011

OSG CA Distribution Release 1.17

A new release of the CA certificates is available at

This is version 1.17 and uses IGTF 1.38 as the basis.

Changes to the OSG certificates package:

===== Version 1.17 ==============
Built 7 Feb 2011
IGTF 1.38 - current hash format (openssl 0.9x)

Changes from by IGTF
* Updated meta-data info file for SRCE (HR)
* Updated KEK CA root (617ff41b) with extended life time (JP)
* Updated contact email address for ArmeSFo (AM)
* Extended allowed namespace and new URL for SEE-GRID CA as EGI catch-all (EU)
* Extended allowed namespace for NAREGI CA (JP)
* Added accredited CILogin MICS CA (US)
* Extended life time for NCSA CACL (MICS) CA (US)
* Extended life time for NCSA MyProxy (SLCS) CA (US)
* Extended life time for NorduGrid CA (DK,NO,SE,FI,SI)
* Corrected namespaces file for TCS eScience Personal (EU)

Additional OSG Changes: