Monday, February 7, 2011

OSG 1.2.17 Release Notification

OSG Operations and Integration are pleased to announce the release of OSG version 1.2.17

OSG 1.2.17 Update Notification

Date: February 7, 2011

Affected Components

The following components are affected:

* All OSG software installations


This release incorporates a variety of fixes and changes to various OSG software components. RSV has been changed to use a new rsv-control script that allows for more control when starting, stopping, and running RSV probes. RSV now also has better support for a standalone RSV monitoring system. Bestman and Bestman2 have been updated to more recent version with several improvements and bug fixes. In addition, a new version of GIP has been included. The GIP update includes several job manager related bug fixes as well as support for WLCG site attributes..

* RSV has had a major overhaul to how it works. See theRSV documentation ( ) for full details.
* Bestman and SRM-Client-LBNL have been updated to
* Bestman2, Bestman-Client, and SRM-Tester3-LBNL have been updated to 2.0.5
* SRM-Client-Fermi has been updated to 1.9.5-23
* GIP has been updated to 1.1.14 and now supports advertising of WLCG site information
* MyProxy has been updated to address a security issue
* Gratia has been updated and now supports HTPC accounting

Update Instructions
Update instructions can be found on the OSG Twiki under the OSG 1.2 update instructions ( ).

Additional Information
The release notes for the VDT 2.0.0p24 release underlying this release can be found here ( ).