Wednesday, June 9, 2010

OSG 1.2.10 Release Announcement

OSG Operations and Integration are pleased to announce the release of OSG version 1.2.10.

This update fixes several minor bugs in software found in the OSG software stack and adds some new functionality to xrootd to support ATLAS and Tier3 requirements.

This is an update for several of the components in the OSG software stack. The changes are primarily to provide xrootd changes requested by ATLAS and as well as to correct a few minor issues. This update is recommended mainly for admins interested in the new features present in the xrootd update.
Components updated
This release updates several software components to new versions, see the complete list below.
* Xrootd
* Bestman, SRM-Client-LBNL, and SRM-Tester-LBNL
* MyProxy and GSIOpenSSH 5.1
* vdt-ca-manage
* Apache
* osg-version

Please see the VDT release notes for more details:

Update instructions can be found on the OSG twiki under the OSG 1.2. update instructions: