Thursday, June 11, 2009

MyOSG 1.4 released!

The GOC is pleased to announce the release of MyOSG 1.4 -- this release includes fixes and content in the support center / VO and miscellaneous sections.

Here is a detailed list of changes:

Resource section
  • Resource to display list is more user friendly - users do not have to uncheck "All Resource" button to select another option

Resource Summary (WizardSummary)
  • Presents FQDN aliases if applicable for any resource, if "Show FQDN" checkbox is checked
  • In WLCG section, fixed LDAP URI issue to use resource group name instead of resource name
Status Map:
  • Using different map type; and defaults to zoom level of continental U.S
  • User's pan/zoom location is embedded in URL, and can be bookmarked or added to iGoogle/Netvibes
  • Added additional filters/selectors including default "production resource group" filter

Support Center and VO sections
  • Added contact information.
  • Secure web URL provides email and phone number to authorized personnel.

Resource RSV Current Status
  • Improved the style on expired / not reported metrics

Miscellaneous section:
  • Added a resource-service count option in "Information to Display"

Home page
  • Updated the content of the home page. Quick links give results for all production resources; VO-user use-case includes environment variables.