Friday, February 16, 2018

Update: Single Sign On for OSG Operations Services


As most of you know, on February 7, we released our first step in a transition to Single Sign On for OSG Operations Services.  These changes have affected the following websites:

Please refrain from using the * addresses, as the sessions are domain-based and we will be using * moving forward.

We understand that there has been some confusion and growing pains during this change, and we apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused.  We are actively working to solve these problems as they come to us.  If you do encounter problems, please open a ticket by:

1) Submitting a ticket at

2) Sending email to

One of the most common issues that we are seeing is confusion about whether a user is actually logged in or not.  When you approach one of the above-mentioned websites, you may be asked to present a certificate.  In the past, this would have logged you in, however, now you are asked for a certificate so that we can pair your existing OIM account to your new CILogon SSO credentials.

To make sure that you are logged in, look at the upper-right corner of the website. If you see your name, you are logged in.  If you see “Login,” you will need to click that button, which will take you to CILogon’s SSO interface.  You can choose your institution from the list, or if your institution is not listed, you can log in with a Google or Github account.  Once you do that, you should be returned to the website and you’ll see your name in the upper-right corner.  From there, you should be good to go.  

If you encounter problems with this, please open a ticket as stated above.

Again, we understand that this change has caused some confusion and frustration.  Please know that we are actively working to make this transition as painless as possible.