Tuesday, March 21, 2017

XRootD 4.6.0 removed from OSG 3.3.22

XRootD 4.6.0 was pulled from the OSG repositories. The OSG repositories still contain XRootD 4.5.0.
XRootD 4.6.0 was in the OSG repositories from Tuesday, March 11th until Friday, March 17th.

End users encountered XRootD failures when using GSI authentication.
The problems have been traced to a defect in the CRL verification code.
XRootD running in a server mode will likely experience problems,
since reading the served file usually requires authentication.
XRootD running in the manager mode may not experience any difficulties,
since the redirector typically does not do authentication.

To check if you have the affected components installed, run
`rpm -qa | grep xrootd` to display the versions of your xrootd packages.
If any of them are version 4.6.0, run `yum downgrade <package>` on those

We are awaiting the 4.6.1 XRootD release which corrects these issues.
We will test and release it next available OSG release.

We apologize for any inconvenience. Our release testing did not catch
this problem. We are augmenting our release processes to catch this
specific problem as well as similar issues that may come up in other