Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Announcing OSG Software version 3.3.16

We are pleased to announce OSG Software version 3.3.16.

Changes to OSG 3.3.16 include:
* Updated most Globus Packages to latest available from EPEL
* Note: Now Globus Toolkit strictly checks host names against certificates
* BLAHP 1.18.25: Additional features supported for SGE, PBS Pro, and Slurm
* Update to GlideinWMS 3.2.15
* Fixed major scalability problem in GUMS on EL7
* HTCondor-CE 2.0.8: Support for Terana eScience, minor bug fixes
* The MyProxy server now produces RFC compliant proxies
* Fixed load-balancing in Globus GridFTP when using IPv6 addresses
* Added the HTCondor CREAM GAHP for EL7 platforms
* Completed porting components of OSG Software Stack to EL7
* Added RSV GlideinWMS Tester for VO Front-ends to test site support
* Updated to lcas-lcmaps-gt4-interface to version 0.3.1
* VO Package v68: Added project8 VO

Release notes and pointers to more documentation can be found at:


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We welcome feedback on this release!