Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Announcing OSG Software versions 3.3.15 and 3.2.41

We are pleased to announce OSG Software versions 3.3.15 and 3.2.41.
This is the last release in the 3.2 series.

Both 3.3.15 and 3.2.41 include:
* CA certificates based on IGTF 1.76
* VO Package v67 - correction for ILC

Changes to OSG 3.3.15 include:
* SLURM scalability enhancements in the BLAHP
* Fixed a bug in the BLAHP where HTCondor could not remove a SLURM job
* Enable XRootD-HDFS to use native HDFS libraries if available
* Add an extension to the GridFTP server to report space usage on the server
* Fix GUMS to properly display long Pool Account lists
* The RSV service will start even though its state file is corrupt
* Update GSI-OpenSSH from 5.7-4.3 to 7.1p2f
* voms-proxy-init generates RFC compliant proxies by default
* Configure voms-server for systemd startup in EL7
* Add voms-admin-client for EL7
* HTCondor 8.5.6 in the upcoming repository

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