Friday, January 22, 2016

OSG Release Series 3.2 Deprecation - End of Life August 2016

The OSG 3.3 release series began on 11 August 2015, and thus will reach its 6-month anniversary with the February release of OSG 3.3.9. According to our release series support policy [*], OSG 3.2 is the “previous release series” and will begin its 6-month deprecation phase. Therefore, after the February release, OSG 3.2 will receive only critical bug and security patches. [*] Because of the change in OSG 3.2’s status, OSG urges site administrators to update to OSG 3.3 if they have not done so already. Looking forward, the end-of-life date for OSG 3.2 is scheduled for 9 August 2016. If you have questions or comments about this announcement, the OSG release series, how to update your site, or so on, please email us at the usual OSG support address: