Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fix available for OSG BeStMan installs

OSG software versions 3.2.28 and 3.3.2, released this Tuesday, contained the wrong version of jGlobus.  The plan was to release jglobus-2.1.0-5, but instead jglobus-2.1.0-3 was released (note the 3 instead of 5 in the final digit).

Unfortunately, jglobus-2.1.0-3 has a critical bug that causes the BeStMan 2 service to fail upon start-up.  This failure has been reported at OSG sites that have upgraded since Tuesday's release.

As of late Wednesday night (US Central timezone), jglobus-2.1.0-5 is in the OSG production repositories for the 3.2.28 and 3.3.2 releases - mirrors may still be updating.  If you have any OSG hosts with BeStMan or GUMS (and therefore have jGlobus), please see if you have jglobus-2.1.0-3 installed; if so, update it to jglobus-2.1.0-5 as soon as possible, then restart BeStMan and GUMS services.  OSG tests and updates at some OSG sites indicate that jglobus-2.1.0-5 fixes the observed BeStMan failures.

We apologize for any problems that the release error has caused.  The OSG Software and Release teams are reviewing their development and release procedures to reduce the chances of this kind of mistake.