Monday, February 2, 2015

perfSONAR Infrastructure Monitoring and 3.4.1 Update Reminder

Dear All,

This is a reminder to all WLCG sites to reinstall or upgrade their perfSONAR instances to version 3.4.1 if they haven't done so already. The deadline for sites to upgrade is 16th of February. We'd like to stress, that after updating, it's very important to reconfigure your instances following the instructions at

We'd also like to ask ALL sites to reboot their instances in order to ensure that the latest security updates are applied and to check if you have correctly whitelisted the OSG subnet, which is now hosting the core infrastructure for WLCG perfSONAR.

Finally, we would like to announce availability of the perfSONAR infrastructure monitoring at:

To access it, you will need to have your personal certificate loaded in the browser. You can check status of your perfSONAR instances by typing hostname (or just domain) in the quick search bar. Detailed information on the metrics and troubleshooting is available at

For any issues, please open GGUS ticket for WLCG perfSONAR Support or contact

Best regards,
perfSONAR Support Team