Tuesday, May 6, 2014

GOC Service Update - Tuesday, May 13th at 13:00 UTC

The GOC will upgrade the following services beginning Tuesday, May 13th, 2014 at 13:00 UTC. The GOC reserves 8 hours in the unlikely event that unexpected problems are encountered.

OSG Wordpress Instances (Bosco / OSG Homepage)
* Upgrading to Wordpress version 3.9.
* Upgrading all plugins.

GOC Ticket 1.75
* Security patch (TICKET-95)
* Removed long deprecated attachment handlers
* Patched overly verbose error message generated by SearchController.

GOC-TX 1.38
* Fixed an issue where GOC accessor was still using old attachment handler (updated to use new interface).

OIM 3.30
* Fixed a bug where service certificate request with CN that consists with only the GridAdmin domain name will not be accepted (OIM-86)
* Added “Provide Feedback” button on PKI pages.
* (patched) Added Digicert grid_approve_request call immediately after calling grid_request_host_revoke call.
* Added a capability to configure certificate signer class.

GratiaWeb (tentative)
* Doubling CPU count and memory size (to 2 CPUs and 2G) to reduce occurrence of GratiaWeb service hanging