Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Announcing OSG Software versions 3.1.32 and 3.2.8

We are pleased to announce OSG Software versions 3.1.32 and 3.2.8.

These releases contain updated Certificate Authority (CA) bundles.
It is imperative that these new CA packages are installed before
June 1st. At that time, DigiCert will begin issuing OSG certificates
that depend on the new CA bundles.

OSG 3.1.32 and 3.2.8 contain:
* Updated CA certificates (IGTF 1.56)
- New SHA-2 signed DigiCert CA certificates
- DOEGrids CA certificates removed
- Old format CA certificate bundles discontinued
* Update to CVMFS 2.1.17 (many enhancements and bug fixes)
* VO Package v52
- New Sub VOs: Lariat, Gendetrd, Lar1, and Okra
- New VOMS servers at CERN
* Bug fixes for VOMS admin
* Updated gratia probes (sge, lsf, htcondor)
* Update to RSV 3.7.15 (bug fixes)
* Update to MyProxy 5.9 (bug fixes)
* Many other minor bug fixes

OSG 3.2.8 also contains:
* Bug fix for crash in gridftp-hdfs

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