Tuesday, January 7, 2014

GOC Service Update - Tuesday, January 14th, 2013

The GOC will upgrade the following services beginning Tuesday, January 14th, 2013 at 14:00 UTC. The GOC reserves 8 hours in the unlikely event that unexpected problems are encountered.  We encourage users to test affected services before the production release.

OSG Homepage
* Fixed the jQuery conflict issue by replacing jQuery from OSG theme with one provided by Wordpress, and updated jQuery referencing to use noConflict version.
* Upgrading to Wordpress 3.8 (& updating all plugins)

GratiaWeb v1.2-20, v1.2-21, v1.2-22
* Updating to use latest OSG release (3.2)
* Allowing filter by ProjectName and facility on the project query / Fixed project filtering (GratiaWeb-42)
* Added two new queries in preparation for wlcg_reporting software modifications.

OSG Display (1.0.6)
* Rebuilding to RHEL6
* Fixed discrepancy between OSG display and GratiaWeb's CPU hours (SOFTWARE-1326)

RSV collector - rsv1.grid.iu.edu (1.13.10-1.1.osg.el6)
* Maintenance update
* (already applied) Increased memory size to 2G/512M-perm to prevent GC out of memory problem.

MyOSG 2.19
* Added a counter for number of resources displayed for all resource group pages
* Added specific metric selector for Current Status page - behavior should be backward compatible with old MyOSG queries, but need more testing / notification (MYOSG-71)
* Fixed the issue that crashes resource group / XML page if user enter resource name with & character in OIM.
* Combined FieldOfScience and VOFieldOfScience models into one, and deprecated FieldOfScience model itself.
* Updated the way FOS is pulled & displayed in MyOSG to allow fos_rank related to OIM-78
* Added rank indicator icons for various contacts for vosummary page

OIM 3.26
* Work in progress to make sure approver_vo_id gets set for all new request
* Added various notifications messages after user performs actions successfully  (renew / revoke / re-request ,etc..) Also replaced "you can not performed any action" to "please wait while certificate is issued" during certificate issuing state (per goc ticket 17869)
* Added list of DNs requested by user for host certificate request (per GOC Ticket 17991)
* Various updates related to FOS editor (access control, menu placement, breadcrumbs) Made autocomplete.js to take minLength parameter as an attempt to allow user to double click on the input field to list all values.
* Added capability to re-focus new contact input after user select a value - also for FOS editor (OIM-75)
* Updated vo_field_of_science contact_rank_id table column name to rank_id
* Updated FOS editor with contact editor style selector, and remove ability for user addition.
* Updated FOS administration page to include list of VO/Project using the FOS, and delete button if no VO/project is used (OIM-78 / OIM-79)

GOC Ticket 1.71
* Updated to use latest jquery/jquery-ui/bootstrap (still 2.3.2) from publically available CDN.
* Completely overhauled attachments interface (TICKET-91)
* (released) adjusted RR rule (TICKET-90)
* (patched) fixed an issue where failure to connect chat.js will prevent page from loading

GOC-TX 1.32 (Rebuild)
* Upgrading to RHEL6 / MySQL 5.1