Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Power Incident at UK data center

Dear OSG Sites,

The RAL Tier 1 center in the UK has had a major power incident. Their T1 network and CA services are currently down or recovering.

UK provides 4 Certificate Authorities, all IGTF-accredited and included in current OSG CA bundle. All 4 are affected by this event.  

As a result, OSG Site RSV probes checking CRL freshness will start failing. This has no adverse affect on OSG sites since RSV CRL probes are not rated as critical, and it does not affect WLCG sites availability calculations. Site admins are not expected to take any actions. 

If the CA services are restored by December 16, OSG sites will experience no adverse affects and site admins are not expected to take any action. If the services cannot be restored by then, we will send you another message describing the actions you need to take. Below we also list the expiration dates for the CRL files from these CAs. As seen, the earliest expiration date is Dec 16.

Currently, the CRL files are set to expire as follows: 
UKeScienceCA-2007 nextUpdate=Dec 16 10:41:55 2012 GMT
UKeScienceCA-2A nextUpdate=Dec 19 15:15:01 2012 GMT
UKeScienceCA-2B  nextUpdate=Dec 16 10:41:50 2012 GMT
UKeScienceRoot-2007 nextUpdate=Jan  2 16:35:43 2014 GMT

We do not anticipate further effects on OSG services but are monitoring the situation and will inform you of any developments.