Wednesday, September 5, 2012

GOC Service Update - Tuesday, September 11th at 13:00 UTC

The GOC will upgrade the following services beginning Tuesday, September 11th, 2012 at 13:00 UTC. The GOC reserves 8 hours (13:00 - 21:00 UTC) in the unlikely event that unexpected problems are encountered. We encourage users to test affected services before the production release.

MyOSG 2.1

ITB version is now available for testing at
CPU count will be increased to 2 on myosg1/2
remove osg-xsede from the status board
Minor cosmetic updates on VO summary / resource list
Updated stylesheet for various error pages
(patched) Fixed the IE base url issue
(patched) Fixed broken status map url issue

Reports / Installed Capacity Report 1.0-12

Adding sites supported by USCMS_Tier2 Support Center to the report.
Moving report script from OIM to
Add deprecation message to RSV reports.


Rebuild VM instance using the latest install script which uses the RSV v2 RPMs.

OIM 3.6

ITB version can be tested via
Added display for log based on composite key (not through topology class yet) [OIM-23]
PKI / Added domain name validator for GridAdmin [OSGPKI-89]
PKI / Added search capability for user/host certificates [OSGPKI-105]
Added check for session destruction to report private key deletion [OSGPKI-80]
Improved the URL handling for login/out.
PKI / Differentiated the behavior of user certificate approval process between new approval and renew approval.
PKI / Reset CSR when user certificate renewal is requested.
PKI / Added serial number to log comment
PKI / Updated label from Serial ID to Serial Number
Updated the Google Map API from v2 to v3.
PKI / Added listing for "certificate I approve" for user/host certificates.
Updated returned content type to application/json for all REST APIs.
Removed error message in case of missing session for message (could happen on error page)
PKI / Removed the 500 error code reporting of the OIM Rest API error return.
PKI / Improved the way secure / guest URLs were composed.
Made IP address to be displayed at all time
PKI / Updated cert-retrieve-new to osg-cert-retrieve based on recent name change.
PKI / Added VO name in the title of GOC ticket generated for user certificate request
PKI / Added more checks for various error condition during host cert request.
PKI / Made read-only GridAdmin page for non PKI staff.
PKI / Added GridAdmin & RA enrollment request buttons.
PKI / Added capability to assign VO managers
PKI / Enabled user cert revoke capability
Implemented logout action to invalidate current session.
(patched) removed anti-session spoofing mechanism.
Other minor bug fixes

All Services

We will be updating all RHEL 5 and RHEL 6 hosts to the latest Red Hat packages, and we will be updating the firmware on physical hosts where updates are available. This will require reboots.
DOEGrids host certificates on ITB services will be changed to DOEGrids host certificates with SHA-2 signatures.