Tuesday, August 7, 2012

GOC Service Update - Tuesday, August 14th at 13:00 UTC

The GOC will upgrade the following services beginning Tuesday, August 14th, 2012 at 13:00 UTC. The GOC reserves 8 hours (13:00 - 21:00 UTC) in the unlikely event that unexpected problems are encountered. We encourage users to test affected services before the production release.

OIM 3.4
ITB version can be tested via https://oim-itb.grid.iu.edu
Limited availability for OSG PKI user interface

MyOSG 2.0
ITB version is now available for testing at https://myosg-itb.grid.iu.edu
Updated look & feel.
Compacted various pages to fit more information.

GOC-TX 1.26.2
ITB version can be tested via https://ticket-itb.grid.iu.edu
Updated FNAL/ServiceNow SOAP client to the latest version which is to be released on 8/10 at FNAL.

GOC Ticket 1.55
ITB version is now available for testing at https://ticket-itb.grid.iu.edu
Added campus research club request form (prototype)

ITB version can be tested via http://blogs-itb.grid.iu.edu
Added Erik Erlandson Blog

Installed Capacity Report 1.0-10
Adding sites supported by USCMS_Tier2 Support Center to the report.
Moving report script from OIM to reports.grid.iu.edu

VM Maintenance

We will be reorganizing the files on the VM hosts to improve performance -- most have already been done; this is the last group of changes. On Tuesday, August 7, only ITB VMs will be affected (and then only data-itb, display-itb, gratiaweb-itb, myosg-itb, rsv-itb, ticket-itb, and tx-itb). All other ITB VMs have already been reorganized. On Tuesday, August 14, the last production VMs will be reorganized. The only public-facing services experiencing downtime will be display.grid.iu.edu, tx.grid.iu.edu, and twiki.grid.iu.edu. Ticket.grid.iu.edu may experience degradation of service due to load but will remain online. Production downtime should not exceed 20 minutes.