Wednesday, September 28, 2011

OSG CA Distribution 1.23 Release Notification

A new release of the CA certificates is available at

This is version 1.23 and uses IGTF 1.41 as the basis.

Changes to the OSG certificates package:

====== Version 1.23 =============
Built 27 Sept 2011
IGTF 1.41 release
Changes from IGTF
* Added accredited PSC MyProxy SLCS CA (US)
* Updated CRL URL for LIPCA (PT)
* Extended life time of SlovakGrid CA root (SK)
* Added accredited DZ-eScience CA (DZ)
* Added accredited NICS SLCS MyProxy CA (US)
* Added new UK eScience issuing CAs 2A and 2B to allowed namespaces and
removed superfluous signing policy entries (UK)
* Normalised the certificate files (.0) for selected CAs in the 'old' format
distribution. This does not affect the 'new' OpenSSL v1+ compatible release.
Affected CAs are CESNET, NIKHEF, NIIF, DFN-GridGermany-Root, PSC-Myproxy-CA,
and NERSC-SLCS. Old and new format files are now identical.

* The "worthless" area, containing some files that are distributed merely
for convenience for selected specific purposes, has been re-named to
"unaccredited". Files contained in this directory must be treated with
utmost care, and their inclusion in the distribution does not constitute
any form of endorsement by the IGTF of these files or their content.
* Added unaccredited InCommon Server CA to convenience directory (US)