Thursday, June 30, 2011

OSG 1.2.20 Release Notification

OSG Operations and Integration are pleased to announce the release of OSG version 1.2.20.

OSG 1.2.20 Update Notification

Date: June 30, 2011

Affected Components

The following components are affected:

* All RSV installations
* CE installations


Due to the fourth of July holiday weekend, OSG support
resources will be limited so admins may want to wait until
Tuesday July 5th before updating.
This release contains the following updates:

* Several gatekeeper changes for CMS
* Optional re-nicing of the globus-gatekeeper to give it a
lower priority to keep the gatekeeper more responsive under heavy
* Random sleep for fork jobs to prevent unwanted synchronization
of grid monitor processes

* Condor job manager changes to support group accounting
* SGE job manager changes to use a more reliable polling method
* Cleanup scripts are now provided by VDT so that files left by
globus in user home directories can be removed automatically

Several other updates are also included in this release, see
the VDT update page for more details.

Update Instructions
Update instructions can be found on the OSG Twiki under the OSG
1.2 update instructions (

Additional Information

The release notes for the VDT 2.0.0p27 release underlying this
release can be found here ( ).