Tuesday, January 25, 2011

NLR Networking Issue Affects OSG BDII

Today beginning at 10:49 EST (15:49 UTC) the Indiana Gigapop and NLR network link experienced routing issues. These issue affected approximately 20 OSG sites sending CEMon data to the BDII machines located at the GOC. These sites were mostly located in the Southern and Southwestern US as links to the Denver and Atlanta NLR backbone routers were affected. The issues were resolved at 12:47 EST (17:47 UTC) and BDII was back to reporting these resources normally.

The NLR Notification is attached for reference.

Subject: NLR Layer 3 Peer Indiana GigaPOP Outage ISSUE=9753 PROJ=77

SUBJECT: NLR Layer 3 Peer Indiana GigaPOP Outage
AFFECTED: Peer Indiana GigaPOP
STATUS: Unavailable
START TIME: Tuesday, January 25, 2011, 3:49 PM (1549) UTC
DESCRIPTION: NLR's connectivity to the Indiana GigaPOP was interrupted due to
configuration changes related to the PacketNet migration. Connectivity
issues through the Indiana GigaPOP may continue to be experienced as
NLR Engineers isolate the cause.
TICKET NO.: 9753:77
TIMESTAMP: Tue Jan 25 17:36:14 2011 UTC