Tuesday, July 6, 2010

OSG CA Distribution Release 1.15a

A new release of the CA certificates is available at

This is version 1.15a and uses IGTF 1.36 as the basis.

Tarball Version: 1.15a
RPM Version: 1.15a-0

===== Version 1.15a =================
Built 29 Jun 2010
IGTF 1.36 - current hash format (openssl 0.9x)
Updated relative to 1.13:
8a661490 root certificate for PLGrid with corrected SAN extension (PL)
ff94d436 root certificate for SRCE with new extensions and life time (HR)
1f3834d0 root certificate for ROSA with new AKI extension and serial (RO)

Removed relative to 1.13:
e1fce4e9 FNAL_KCA obsolete CA from experimental area (US)

Updated format of INDEX.txt and INDEX.html files to be consistent
with the format with the new IGTF layout coming in a future release.