Thursday, April 22, 2010

OSG 1.2.9 Release Announcement

OSG Operations and Integration are pleased to announce the release of OSG version 1.2.9.

This is an update for several of the components in the OSG software stack. The changes are primarily to fix minor bugs or add some new functionality. Upgrading is not needed unless you are affected by one of these bugs or you need the new functionality provided in an update.

This release updates several software components to new versions, see the complete list below.
• Bestman
• Xrootd 20100315-1007
• XrootdFS 3.0rc4
• glExec
• PRIMA 0.8.7
• vdt-ca-manage
• CEMon 1.12.1-14
• Gratia 1.06.15i-1
• Pegasus 2.4.1
• Java 1.6
• configure-osg
• osg-version
• wn-client (now includes gLite-FTS-Client and EDG-GridFTP-Client)
The following packages are now available in the VDT cache

• gLite-FTS-Client
• EDG-GridFTP-Client

Please see the VDT release notes for more details:

Update instructions can be found on the OSG twiki under the OSG 1.2.9 update instructions:

The release notes for the VDT 2.0.0p16 release underlying this release can be found here: