Tuesday, January 19, 2010

GOC Service Update - Tuesday, January 26th at 14:00 UTC

The GOC will upgrade the OIM, Ticket, and MyOSG services beginning at Tuesday, January 26th at 14:00 UTC.

No service outages are expected for the OIM, Ticket and MyOSG services, during this upgrade but the GOC reserves 1 hour for unforeseen problems. .

ITB versions are now available for testing at myosg-itb.grid.iu.edu, ticket-itb.grid.iu.edu, and oim-itb.grid.iu.edu; we encourage users to test these services before the release.

MyOSG 1.14
*Added HEPSPEC value to RGSummary page
*Added ServiceDescription to RGSummary XML
*Fixed bug which was causing service name to be not populated in RGSummary XML
*Updated to show service name instead of service description in RGSummary html view
*Removed dependencies for RGstatushistory pages on rsvprocess cache.
*Added check to not display "Critical Metrics" toggler if there are no information avaiable.
*Applied apache2 license / Updated license note in the footer
*Fixed issue where htmlentity function was converting certain characters (atilde) into entities that some browsers / parsers cannot understand.
*Updated the sample pages to only show a subset of information in order to decrease the amount of server load, and make the sample pages to loadfaster for users who are just exploring MyOSG
*Some other cosmetic changes

Ticket 1.13
*Updated the ticket editor - updated the UI components and re-organized to maximize the field sizes; This only applies to GOC staff and others with edit capability
*Added a form to resubmit ggus xml more easily; this only applies GOC staff
*Added delay between each fpcall retry - for better success on SOAP retry.
*Applied apache2 license / Updated license note in the footer
*Updated the Web API with issues we discovered with how FP9 now stores contact information for agents.

OIM 2.13
*Updated the downtime editor to be specific to each downtime; avoids confusion
on user end
*Updated code so SC assignees are added FP ticket created for resource and VO registration (https://ticket.grid.iu.edu/goc/viewer?id=7850)
*Fixed the issue where Unicode characters sometimes causes issue on a text field
*Applied apache2 license / Updated license note in the footer
*Patch Release: Updated the welcome note for user without certificate (patched on previous release)