Friday, October 16, 2009

MyOSG 1.9 Release October 19

The GOC will be upgrading MyOSG on October 19th, 2009 at 3 PM EDT (1900 UTC).
This update should not affect any current usage of MyOSG. The change log is
listed below:

* CSV Output:
- Added ability to export MyOSG content in CSV (UTF-8) created by
flattening the XML output.
- The ordering and number of columns in the CSV file will change based
on the data.
- We do not recommend the CSV output for programattic use - it is meant
mainly for management to be able to import into a tool like Microsoft
Excel for further manipulation

* VO/Activation:
- Fixed the bug where VO id can be incorrect.

* UTF-8 Encoding issues:
- Fixed any place view that was not handling UTF-8 characters correctly.

* Mobile Content:
- Added Mobile Content subscription link that allows users who are
having trouble consuming UWA content on their mobile devices to render
MyOSG data on the web browser installed on the device
- This is an experimental feature, and has not been tested extensively yet.