Tuesday, May 19, 2009

MyOSG 1.1 released!

The OSG GOC is pleased to announce the release of MyOSG 1.1 (to production status) at http://myosg.grid.iu.edu/

Major changes include:

  1. Resource summary page (Resource -> Resource Summary) now provides:
    • ServiceURIs for OSG services like CE, SRM, GridFtp
    • Environment Parameter values for OSG resources
    • WLCG Interoperability information including Interop LDAP list as applicable
    • Contact Information (such as report contact, admin contact, etc.). NOTE: Email address might be removed from a future release.
    • Deprecated feature: A legacy CSV URL link for users who wish to continue to use a CSV listing of resources similar to what is shown on VORS' text listing. NOTE: This link will be removed on Nov 30 2009, and is provided to ease transition from VORS to MyOSG.

  2. New filters for resource pages: Active Status, WLCG Information availability
  3. Allows display of permanently deactivated (for anyone who does any kind of reporting against resources including removed ones)
  4. Support Center summary is now available (via link on top menu)
  5. Virtual organization summary is now available (via link on top menu). This page includes ability to additionally:
    • Show member resources
    • Show field(s) of science
    • Show reporting group information. FQANs and contacts. NOTE: Email address might be removed from this display in the future.
  6. Additional explanation at the top of each XML page, and a URL back to original (HTML) MyOSG page at the bottom of each XML page
This version of MyOSG uses updated OIM (v2) database. Until the production release of OIMv2, the data will be synchronized from OIMv1's database on a daily basis.

Sample Pages
  1. ATLAS VO users who are interested in using CEs and SRMs(v2) can go to following link http://tinyurl.com/okvpkg. This page shows ATLAS resources that are under OK status, with service URIs, and environment variables.
  2. Fermilab VO users in VO Reporting Groups information can go to http://tinyurl.com/rbdaud . This page shows information about groups that are stored in OIM (v2). NOTE: The VO registrations on OIM will need to go through a round of clean up (when OIMv2 is released) before this information can be said to be useful.
As usual, any page you see on MyOSG can be exported to XML by clicking the XML link under the Subscription section. On the other hand, if you already have XML, as stated previously, comments at the end of each XML page contains link back to a human readable MyOSG view with the exact query settings that you used to generate the XML so that you can modify or update the query.