Friday, April 10, 2009

GUMS Bug when using "vorole" and "role"

Dear OSG Site Administrators,

We are passing along this message from the GUMS development team:

It has been found that the use of "vorole" and "role" for matchFQAN within a VomsUserGroup exposes a bug in GUMS versions 1.2 - 1.3.14. You must therefore NOT use "vorole" or "role" until upgrading to GUMS 1.3.15 (not yet available) or above. Please verify your configuration.

This problem was found because the OSG GUMS template recently used "vorole" in the "geant4-lcgadmin" usergroup, which caused many users from several VOs to not be mapped. This has been changed to "exact" in the OSG GUMS template, so updating using the "gums-create-config --osg-template" command will ensure everything is back on track. NOTE: only use this script if you do not use a custom configuration!

In a year or so, the OSG template may start using "vorole" and "role" with the assumption that people have upgraded their GUMS to 1.3.15+ by then. A warning will be sent out before this is done.